Chat Rules

1. Show respect

Harassments or inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated. If you are a victim of such, please let a mod know. If the incident happens in a private message, you can select "Report complaint". You find this option in the dropdown menu, after you click the arrow down next to the userpic at the top left of the private message box. If you don't comply with this rule, you will be warned, and eventually banned by our staff.

2. Be considerate

Keep in mind, that there can be minors in most of the rooms. Ask someone, before you just write a private message. If you want to gain access to adult rooms, you need to register and enter an age of at least 18. Any deliberate misinformation about your age to gain access to adult rooms is forbidden. Either our staff, or the System will warn, mute, and eventually kick you, if you don't comply with this rule.

3. No hate speech/flaming/racism/sexism/excessive trolling

This rule is a direct consequence of rule #1 and #2. Any of the abovementioned behaviours are seen as intentional provocation without any constructive goals and therefore as an offensive act against at least one user. Depending on the situation it is either non-respectful, or inconsiderate, or even both.

4. No advertising

Don't bother other users by promoting products or websites without being asked for it. We see this behaviour as inconsiderate.

5. Follow our instructions

If our staff tells you to stop something, listen to them and follow their demand. If, however, you feel like a particular staff member acts inappropriately then you can report them to another staff member. (The aforementioned "Report complaint"-button can also be used on them.)

Last but not at least:
Have fun!